Early Intervention Services

Early InterventionEarly intervention is a partnership between families and caring professionals working together to encourage natural learning which occurs during the early months and years of a child’s life. Services offered include developmental screenings and assessments, behavior management, home-based and community-based programs, family group activities, transportation and transition into the school system.

The PDI Early Intervention Program serves children birth to three (3) years with a range of special needs.

PDI also operates the Kids Depot, a fully integrated preschool center that was established in 1999. The center allows us the unique opportunity to serve children with developmental delays in a natural environment and better prepare these children for life in the mainstream.

Home Based Program:

  • Teacher to child ratio 1:1
  • Children are seen in their home 1 time a week for 1 hour
  • Focus on teaching the family how to work with the child
  • As the child progresses they can move up to center-based if appropriate

Community Based Program:

  • We see the children at different daycares in the area
  • Focus on working with the children and provide the child caregiver with information on how best to serve the child

Who do we Serve?

  • Children birth-3 years with a range of special needs from speech delayed to multi-disabled
  • Eligibility-Delay of 20% in at least one of the following areas:
    Gross Motor
    Fine Motor
  • We receive the majority of our referrals from the Tennessee Early Intervention Services. We also receive referrals from physicians and parents.

Special Needs that Qualify a Child:

  • Premature Birth
  • Physical and Mental Disabilities
  • Developmental Delays
  • Speech Delays
  • Genetic Factors
  • Other conditions that might limit a child’s development

What Services are Offered?

  • Screening and Assessments
  • Physical & Speech Therapy Evaluations
  • Behavior Management
  • Center & Home Based Programs
  • Feeding Therapy
  • Family Support Groups
  • Transportation
  • Transition into School System


Click here to download our Early Intervention Brochure.