Annual Civitan Onion Sale

The annual Clarksville Civitan Onion Sale has officially begun. The delicious Vidalia Onions were delivered from a farm in Mount Vernon, Georgia to the warehouse of Progressive Directions last week and are ready to be sold. This is an annual event through the Clarksville Civitan club led by Leroy Parks, Chairman of the Vidalia Onion Fundraiser. Mr. Parks has been involved with this event for twelve years. The onions are sold each year to raise money for the Civitan International Research Center, a center that studies the cause and prevention of developmental disabilities, Progressive Directions Inc. and Buddy Ball Special Needs Athletic League. Each year Civitan has a goal to raise at least $5,000 locally and those proceeds go to the research center and the remaining funds raised go to Progressive Directions and Buddy Ball Special Needs Athletic League. Those funds are used to support their various programs. Civitan Club members perform many service and fundraising projects benefiting the local community as well as Civitan International. Jay Albertia, PDI Executive Director and Past President of Civitan International, and all of us at Progressive Directions want to thank Clarksville Civitan for all the support they give PDI with the onion sale and other efforts. Albertia stated, “We are truly grateful for all Civitan does for our agency and the folks that we serve. I love that we can be a part of their organization that does so much for the community.” These delicious onions will sell quickly, so if you are interested in purchasing a bag please contact the Civitan office at 931-648-5757 or Leroy Parks at 931-216-9425. A 10-pound bag is only $10. IMG_0033