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Other Corporations associated with Progressive Directions Inc. include:

Buddy Ball: The game’s the same…Just different!

Buddy Ball
Located in Clarksville, Tennessee, Buddy Ball provides individuals with a mental and/or physical disability the opportunity to play sports, regardless of their abilities.

Buddy Ball helps individuals learn teamwork and promotes self-esteem, one of the tools needed to help overcome the stigma often associated with a disability. The Buddy Ball league is aware of the extra expenses for those with special abilities. Because of this, Buddy Ball will not charge any fees to participate. They rely entirely on private donations, from local civic organizations, and the kindness of others to offer this wonderful program. Buddy Ball is a 501(c)(3) organization. By attending one game, you will realize that Buddy Ball is a special kind of league and has made a huge difference in many lives. Buddy Ball moves beyond a sport and becomes an affair of the heart.

Buddy Ball is open to all persons with special needs ages 3 and older. Visit to learn more.

PDI Thrift Store

PDI Thrift Store
With the assistance of Progressive Directions, Inc. the Thrift Store not only supports individuals with special needs and their families as well as utilizing its known exposure to reach further audiences around the world. The PDI Thrift Store also partners with Supported Employment and the State of Tennessee making available for those with disabilities an opportunity for paid positions. Overall, the PDI Thrift Store provides more jobs, additional funding for the Clarksville Montgomery County community and offers low cost items to all.

For more information visit our Thrift Store page.

Kids Depot: Puts Your Child on Track

Kids Depot
Established in 1999, Kids Depot is a state licensed facility providing before and after school care for elementary school age children ages 6 weeks to 12 years. We have a mini school bus for transportation, and currently serve Sango Elementary & East Montgomery Elementary.

The staff and Foster Grandparents at Kids Depot provide the children with lots of love and attention with low child/teacher ratios.

For more information visit